pic: Overview of the field at NEXTfest

Several of the teams on the field (note the MOE team member running past on the left.)

I just uploaded a bunch of pics from NEXTfest taken on Saturday. I have others, and high-res versions are available if anyone would like a copy.

P.S. Don’t know about everyone else, but I had a great time there - the robots got a lot of time on the field, and the exhibits were great. The only drawback was that it was so crowded and the lines to try out the exhibits were very, very long. I realy wanted to try the virtual reality kayaking.

sweet pictures! i just watched a show yesterday about Next fest. It was great and showed some of what your pictures were. and the last about 10 seconds what the first robotics field with bots playing. Nothing special but just a shot of the field. It was a great show and looks like a great convention.

NextFest was awesome!!!
Everything there was amazing.
Learning to drive is fun XD

Was the carpet on this field any different than the normal carpet on a FIRST Field? It looks a little bit different…

It was a different color but pretty much the same thing. No big difference in traction.

i have to disagree with that, the carpet was extremely different, it was along the lines of household carpet(cut pile), there was quite a difference in performance with carpet and such. Though it was more comfortable to sit on than the Carpet FIRST uses(level loop/Marine Carpet/Indoor-Outdoor/Commercial Carpet). :stuck_out_tongue: As far as i could see robots were sliding everywhere.

The Last day of NEXTfest was the ultimate test of design endurance, some teams had to run matches back to back for the entire day.

None the less, it was immensely fun

Its a bit more softer and much more comfortable to fall asleep on nevertheless much more different than the FIRST Carpet. This Carpet I believe was given as a donation / loan type deal by the people who run the Javitts Center. I’m pretty sure if the coordinators on the FIRST side of the fence for this event could’ve gotten their hands on the official FIRST Carpet they would but as I said before I believe this Carpet was a donation/loan.

thanks for bumping this back on the portal, i hadn’t seen this.

the carpet was pretty hard to drive on. I understand it being a circumstance of ‘whatever we can get’, and if anything, it was just that much more of a show of how FIRST tries to get kids geared up for the real world. we’d designed the robot to handle one floor, and then we get a quite different one thrown at us? [sarcasm] awesome. [/sarcasm]

overall, NEXTfest was great, i hope FIRST is there again next year. =]