pic: Ozram 1922 Toto

After three years of ‘tinman’ (we have a Wizard of Oz based theme) we now have ‘Toto’. It started as tinman, but it kind of named itself! Some cleanup work and we’ll be done.

Pretty spiffy design.

Was there any reason you didn’t use a smaller diameter piston?

Can’t wait to see the polished version, good work!

Wow, that looks very overweight! :eek:
What is the weight on that as of when that picture was taken out of curiosity?

We used that piston to get the maximum distance shot, about 9-10 feet. We shoot lesser distances by limiting the length of the pulse sent to the pneumatic valves. Our camera system can only track to about the same distance.

As to the weight, the last time we weighed it (with a very accurate scale) we were about 2 pounds overweight. There will probably be a few more holes in the final product.:rolleyes:


Very nice.

Are y’all going to be at BAE? I look forward to seeing it in action.

Can you aim that thing? We briefly considered using a piston to shoot, but the software guys said it would be impossible to aim, you guys must have some pretty good programmers or an exceptional driver. Well, whichever it is, good luck.


How much time do you need to reload?

Also, what’s the projection to the left? Can you dump out one side and shoot out the other? Or is that just a holder for an empty cell?

See you at BAE!

finally I’ve found another team that also only uses 2 belts for the lift. My team’s design is very similar, except we use a pulley, belts for the cannon. We get about 15 ft.

The turret spins roughly 270 degrees and it autotracks using the camera. Currently, it does a great job with still / slow moving targets. We’re going to try some tricks to get it to ‘lead’ faster moving targets. We’ll see by Monday:D

Steve C

It takes about 2-3 seconds to reload. That projection on the left is a pneumatic cylinder that has a large ‘paint can’ looking plunger that pushes the ball off the stack and onto the basket. The loading elevator can hold 6-7 orbit balls.