pic: P.E.T.O.W.


Due to some abuse in the shop I have no other option but to start P.E.T.O.W. (People for the Ethical Treatment of Wire) … On another note, I think we found a solution to the game and the answer lies in the details of this picture!


Let me guess…

You plan on roping and hog tying the balls???

Maybe it should be called PETOB (people for the ethical treatment of orbit balls) :slight_smile:

That is better idea that what we had in mind :slight_smile: Thanks for the suggestion !

Is your solution to pin other teams, or to fly around the field?* :cool:

(I (think I) spy with my little eye what looks to me the “wings” pins from an airplane that they give first time passengers, or do my eyes deceive me?)

We are from Texas. - We wear cowboy hats and boots, and ride horses to school!

On a serious note, its PETOW for a reason. Think about it! Videos to be posted soon!