pic: P.J. Baker and the littlest Bobcat

For some reason my wife agreed to go to Atlanta after 177 won the regional in Philly. Natalie had a great time in Galileo, espescially flirting with the folks from team 59.

that is one of the sweetest babies i have ever seen :slight_smile:

hey? does anyone else see the kind in the background with retro reflective tape on there arms?

Is this some kind of way to have a robot hunt them down if there team cant find them?

I love how the kid has a custom sized Bobcat shirt. :wink:

PS - 700th post! :smiley:

I told the team that we would go to ATL if they made a team shirt for Natalie. I figured we’d get a littel shirt with some iron on decals, not a hand sewn shirt made by one of our students. Kim did a great job and we will be keeping the shirt to remember Natalie’s first robotics competition.