pic: Packing for Atlanta

Sam tries to squeeze as many poof balls as he can into our poof-ball carry-on before we leave for Atlanta tomorrow.

If anyone gets hit in the head on their flight, I swear, it's his fault.

You could try cutting out all the centers and restuffing them on-site :wink:

good idea and not so good idea… we tried something similar for packing our poofs to go from comp to comp easily but we found out in Annapolis that we had made 1 - 2 flat spots on the balls… which isn’t good when trying to test the shooter

I was hoping that leaving them unpacked overnight would be enough to let them get back into shape? Were yours permanently deformed?

ummm sort of… lol the thing is we had left them like that for a week yours are like that for a day. they should poof back… if not there are plenty of them on the practice fields and such.

Eh, we could always find other uses for them… :wink: Pete Matteson, u better watch out :wink:

you could always pressurize the container :ahh: … that’d make the balls smaller…

actually since they are full of air adding pressure would make them larger. What you want to do is make the container a vacuum and then you could get considerably more balls in.

The real question is when you put that through security and it gets open are you going to miss your flight because of the time it will take to get them back in :smiley:

There is a simple solution to this entire mess: make each member of your team responsible for a single ball on the trip down to Atlanta. As an incentive, you could tell them that it is supposed to be their pillow. :slight_smile:

This is our emergency plan in case we don’t have enough room in the undercarriage of the bus. And it is this point wherein lies the flaw for your situation: I don’t know if the airline would appreciate 20+ students armed with poofballs. :rolleyes:


Same goes goes to you. :smiley:

Sounds like a TSA nightmare

I kinda expected there to be more Dew in there or is that what the poof balls are hiding?

hey its me! :smiley:
our goal was 8 i think we got 7 but took one out b/c it was bending the box :ahh:

btw how is it my fault its not my carry on :confused:
just because you took a pic of me packing it.
it was your idea (greg) to bring poofs so i think it is your fault :slight_smile:

You know how they have those space bags, that you hook up to a vacuum? Well, I thought these were a great idea to pack my stuff for traveling until I realized just one detail.

There is usually not a vacuum cleaner to reduce them in your hotel before you pack to go home. :ahh:

Hey Greg, have DEKA work on that problem, will ya?
Maybe a portable (cell phone sized) vacuum cleaner, or air depressurizer, just for deflating space bags. lol

And… uh. .I want some credit, or at least a free portable vacuum, since it was my idea if you do make it… LOL

Yeah… that is definitely something i wouldn’t realize until it was too late…