pic: Palmetto Champs – Big Thanks to 2483 & 386!! :D

Our robot was heavily damaged in the Semi-Finals. The damaged carbon fiber claw is in the upper left of this picture in three pieces. We were able to replace the damaged bottom claw with the back up piece within 2 minutes. That included the time it took for one of our students to run to the trailer and back onto the field…haha xD

That was awesome teamwork.

Congrats guys. You guys were awesome partners in 07 and we are very happy for your win.

Thanks!! :slight_smile:

You guys did an awesome job at Palmetto and Florida.
I watched the all of the Elimination matches in Florida. xD
You have a remarkable robot this year!! :ahh:

I’ll see you guys in Atlanta!! :cool:

:eek: I know that asian kid :stuck_out_tongue: HIIII JASONNNN!! haha.
Congrats on the win guys!! Yall have been amazing since you got into FIRST. Glad to see you got that win… after having a great showing last year :slight_smile: See ya in Atlanta :cool:

good job guys hope to c yall in atlanta

Wooo Go Our Carbon Fiber!!! :stuck_out_tongue:

lawl :smiley:

Normally I wouldn’t care that you can’t see me in a picture… but for some reason now I do. Stupid having to hold the flag. :confused:

I reiterate the thanks to 2483 and 386. A better team could not be had :stuck_out_tongue: