pic: Palmetto high score without fouls

How??? (I would prefer if the answer came in the form of a video :wink: )

11 has matches recorded, but I am told the video quality is not terrific. I’ll ask the guys when they can have video up. Will let you know!

I am still trying to find out what the high score for week one is that does not include foul points. Does anyone know?

11’s lineup spot was in the back of the pyramid and was one of the fastest aiming bots. that combined with their 3 disc autonomous net them 4*12 + 18 + 10 for their robot alone. That’s 76 points alone. 245 I think did 3 runs that round and scored all 12 frisbees, so that’s 36 points plus 3 disc auton plus 10 point hang, so 245 scored approximately 64 points. Their partner, 2187 had a solid 3 disc autonomous in the mid goal ,so that’s 12 points, and they were doing atleast 2 runs, so 16 points. i can’t remember if they had a 10 point hang or not, but running those numbers, you should be able to see where those insane amount of points come from.

Unfortunately this was the one match that did not get recorded. We filmed the rest of our matches, and I will post a link on here once they are up on our youtube channel. Our Auton sinks three frisbees in the three pointer, and so did 245’s. 2187 sunk 3 more discs in the two point goal. Both 245 and us(11) get 3-4 cycles off, and my guess is we were both getting off 4 cycles in that match, plus 2187 scoring 2-3 cycles into the two pointer. Then for the end game, all three robots hung for 10 points.

If my memory serves me correctly, in this match we actually used all 45 discs in the feeder station. We had to hang early because there were no more Frisbees left for us to score.

Thanks to both 245 and 2187 for helping us score this high!