pic: Palmetto-Spirit Award

Palmetto Spirit Award winners Team 11

I totally love that. PWN3D.

Oh yeah, and congrats to 11

our Animation was titled WATSON PWNs this year, because it was designed by the programming team and their all happy with Leet or whatever. Man I hate programmers… no offense to any programmers, I am actually our Programming Team Captain but I hate leet and all that stuff…


Edit: Except Pwn

That has to be one of the coolest things I’ve ever seen :]

w00t to you guys! (even though “w00t” is in a class of its own)

Anyone else think this is not very nice, rude even, and not exactly “graciously professional”? I mean who is that sign directed to? The other teams? The ones that didn’t win whatever it is that this team won? It is a good thing that most people probably didn’t understand what the sign means.

That being just my opinion.

From other posts in this thread, it sounds as if that was part of a team slogan, due to programmers finally taking their rightful place in charge of everything (I’m not a programmer, no, definitely not, I do, um, the, uh, that, err, what’s it called when you play with the physical parts of the robot…?). Besides, assuming the team follows all the general FIRST ideas, they’re just using a sign like that for fun, no harm intended. They won an award, let them have their moment of glory, I know my team would be happy to win any awards at all.

Secondly, I think there’s a limit between Gracious Professionalism and outright stupidity. Gracious Professionalism is nice, but there’s some points where it shouldn’t be. For instance, when my alliance was beaten at SBPLI in the final match, the other alliance didn’t run over and say “Congratulations, Great Match!”, they went and jumped around and hugged and were completely ecstatic, and then a bit later, once things had calmed down, they came over and made sure to congratulate and thank us. Please, don’t try to push GP into every, little, tiny thing that FIRST is. Being gracious and professional also implies being smart, and that means knowing when and where something is appropriate. Just one thing that irks me, when someone sees something that may not be 100% gracious and professional, and make certain to point it out, cause that’s not very gracious or professional at all.

hah, thanks guys. yeah, the sign was just for fun. afterall, what is more funny then a bunch of nerds carrying around a sign written in 1337? :smiley:

Hear, hear!

GP is nice. But I don’t see any harm in that sign…and I was in the front row when they won it! Now if they said “WE JUST PWN3D YOU ALL HAHAHAHAHA!!”, then I might have to change my tune.

Why is there no team 1337? There’s a team 1336, and a team 1338, but no 1337. What gives?

Roland, this is Daniel. I agree about what you told me in your e-mail, but also about the team 1337 thing. It’s obvious why they don’t put in in there. I mean, what other team # could be used when asking for a “nub that goes on the end of a pole.” And when a team wants a lefthanded metric crecent wrench…which team would that be Roland. You coudln’t use a real team, they would get mad. So when you need to get that really annoying annoucer to say something really stupid, it must be throught the ruse of team 1337. I’m sure FIRST planned it that way. Might I add if you look at the reading on the clock it is very close to what i’m sure many of you would enjoy.

none of our posters were supposed to be offensive to anyone…it was just someone on our team thought of while we were down there…we had a bunch of signs that dealt with things like that…its all a joke…not meant to be offensive like some teams took it…we were getting alot of compliments for having those signs

Hey guys, about asking if there is a team 1337: while FIRST’s site doesn’t list it, with a bit of modification :smiley: to the URL to search the team database, you can see there is a registered Team 1337 from Germany that doesn’t seem to have participated this year. My best guess is like many other teams, for example a good portion of early ones, they go inactive and while there is a team with that #, the team no longer participates in FIRST. So only time will truly tell whether or not Team 1337 really exists.

Team 1337 is a registered team.

Like some of my other team mates have stated, these signs were not meant to be offensive at all. I personally apologize to anyone that was offended. But as also stated above, don’t drag gracious professionalism into EVERYTHING in FIRST. If those signs were ungracious professionalism, then every time a team cheered when there team won a match would also be, does that make sense?

I’ll just put in my 2 cents here about GP. There’s a difference between cheering and that sign. Specifically, you’re cheering for your team. Jumping around, acting like a maniac because your team won and did well.

That sign is completely different, regardless if it was a funny slogan from your animation. It’s telling the other teams that they were “owned”, completely and utterly defeated by you guys cause they had no skills. To borrow an earlier example, what if after winning the finals and cheering their heads off, the winning team ran over to the losers and said “Oh man, we owned you guys! We totally kicked your butts!” That would be the height of un-GPness.

I think you guys are taking this a little too far… 1/2 the people there probably didn’t even understand what “pwn3d” means, but I could see how holding a sign up saying “owned” could offend people. I interpreted it as a joke, and just as that because I know when I use “l33t”, I’m not serious while doing it.

So, let’s just graciously use l33t for now on :]

I personally thought it was a bit rude, I did take notice to the other signs that were in no way rude but I think many people just could have done without the one in question.
Congrats to team 11 on the spirit award and thier sucess throughout the event!

Does this mean that it’s ok to have signs degrading other teams and insulting everyone in the arena so long as they’re written in cuneiform? Could the Brazillian team have dirty Portugeuse words on their uniforms since 90% of the audience wouldn’t know what it meant?

I don’t think peoples ignorance of the insult really absolves the people responsible for it.

As is always said in the GP Award speech, being GP is about acting in a way that would make Grandma proud. If Grandma knew l33t speak, I don’t think she’d approve.

I think you’re worrying way too much about GP. This is a competition, there is an element of “WE WON!” in any competition. Look at any major sport, the teams play for their own team, and when they win they party, but after the cheering ends and the excitment dies down a bit, they congratulate the other team(s). That’s how FIRST should be I think. People just care WAY too much about GP, to the point where it becomes pure stupidity. The idea about GP is to make sure that no team gets totally “owned.” Not to make sure that everyone is all happy at the end. Making sure that everyone is happy leads to its own problems, mostly the fact that it destroys any competition.

Long story short, don’t care so much about GP that it ruins all the fun, because that’s what the current trend seems to be doing.

Did you hear our team yelling “wall hack” and “aim bot”?

Every one calm down. The signs were just something we thought would be cool. There were 10 other signs in 1337 that never started a thread. So calm down and admit it was clever.

We’re sorry if you are offended, we did not mean it that way. See u all at the Nationals.