pic: Palmetto Team Social

These “no dancing” signs were all over the place at the “just for fun” social at USC.

I just really don’t get this.

Dancing wasnt allowed? Really?

(…images of Footloose crop up in my head…)

I’d just like to know who thought dancing should be capitalized, or, why there’s a period after “Unfortunately,” as it appears there is.


I think that’s a comma…hard to tell because of the resolution, though.

Funny…I don’t remember seeing any of those signs in SC. :slight_smile:

At the Buckeye regional, there is always a social at the Rock and Roll Cafe. The main rule, which they stress, is no dancing. :slight_smile:

That’s a comma after “Unfortunately”, but I don’t know what to say about that unnecessary capitalization. It bothered me a lot throughout the social because they had these signs everywhere I looked.

It was an enforced rule, too.

Dancing, according to the “official” I talked to, is far too much of a “liability” to allow. You could get hurt. Just be lucky they let you live – I’ve heard that’s another liability these days.

To clarify, that is a comma … one of those signs just happened to find it’s way and tape itself to my back (I really don’t know how :confused: )

Technically, dancing is not allowed at any FIRST events. Search the forums for posts about the 2002 Buckeye Regional and you’ll understand.

Interesting. I’m still curious as to why signage suddenly cropped up, and only at this regional.

I understand the liablity of it all. However seems a bit extreme. I was kinda tempted to try to put an eye out or lose a limb to a slice of pizza to see if those could get banned from parties too. What happened at previous parties were horrible but seemed more of a result of things getting out of hand then some people getting down. Oh well wasn’t my desicion.

and they took away the beach ball, too!

What SPAM did after everyone else practically left was we got in a big line and walked back and forth off beat of the music. If we didn’t move our shoulders then it wasn’t dancing. The DJ only said something when we started spinning in place…

From my understanding (I talked a little bit with someone who looked official, anyway), the particular issue was not FIRST, but the college itself. It was a liability issue determined by the venue. Also of interest is that there were various floors that had balconies that overlooked the general gathering; while we were encouraged to explore the university, they didn’t want us out on the balconies (several people were … regardless, I was asked to get off the balcony).

I understand the liablity of it all. However seems a bit extreme.

A bit extreme? What? Did you expect common sense to play a part in any of this? And please don’t, for your sake, get me started on my tort reform rant … (oh, did I mention I want to be a lawyer? please, don’t flail me quite yet!)

ha ha! Go Sandy!