pic: Palmetto Winners

Teams 11, 247, 1251, at the Palmetto Regional!

MORT Tigers and Bears oh my! :slight_smile:

o yea guys that was 110% efoort by all three alliance

I don’t know how to describe it. Just something about this picture. How we’re all together. It’s perfect.

Team 11 - Great autonomous, great shooter.

Team 247 - Great shooter and defense.

Team 1251 - Great ball herder/dumper and great defense.

… what an alliance.

best alliance ever

beat every alliance in the finals by a minimum of about 30 points

great scouting by 11 for choosing us a team 41 of 48 and bear 44 out of 48

good job at looking at the robots not the score

awesome job guys

That regional couldn’t have been scripted better. Team 1251 couldn’t have been happier that we were picked up, none-the-less by such an amazing alliance, thanks 11 and 247 for making it happen!

Yes, an amazing effort by all 3 teams. We really demonstrated an incredible sense of teamwork! Thanks Da Bears and Tech Tigers for such an amazing alliance!

This is an awesome picture of one heck of an alliance!!!

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, we couldn’t have asked for better competition in the finals! You guys so deserved that win, and I just hope that we can come back and be on an alliance with any of you instead of opponents. Good luck to all of you in Atlanta!!!