pic: Panoramic Pic from Nationals 2001

This pic is one I found long ago on a website, or here on CD but can not find anymore, so…
Here is what the stands looked like in 2001 in Florida.
This was looking at the stands from the main stage - Einstein.

Notice that it is outdoors. Yeah, that was aswesome.
Except the sun was a killer during opening and especially closing ceremoinies. I burn easily. :smiley:

Wow This brings back memories. Between 2001 and 2002 they were both VERY VERY hot summers. In the mornings it was eh chilly and then warmed right up around 9:30A.

As a matter of fact I can point out where I sat in the 2k2 FL. Nationals.

From where your standing I was in the Middle / upper part of the 2nd set of distant stands closest to the Mono Rail.

Me and a few friends on the team everytime we saw a monorail we just shouted monorail! even during deans grand finale speech and he couldn’t help but look and smile in the direction that MONORAIL was being shouted in.


Whoever did that panoramic did an excellent job. I’ve never been to nationals and don’t know what it’s like until I see photos like this. With this being Florida what do they do with all the people outside when it seems to rain every afternoon there?

Wear the free ponchos that Disney was handing out! :slight_smile: (Then run around Epcot yelling “Free Ponchos! We got Free Ponchos!”)

Actually, it never rained (from 1999-2002 at least) when we were all out on those stands. It usually rained Thurs-Fri, and took Saturday off. It’s nice that Disney turned off the rain for finals!

in 2002 the only time it actually rained / stormed was like only the afternoon hours (after the competitions) and night time. otherwise it was fairly hot that yr.

before graduating HS the one thing you MUST do is to at least attend 1 nationals. Its awesome. Your away from home for about a week and you spend that week with not only your team members but fellow teams as well. and depending where you stay you guys could like go to the nearest game room or be outside and play hacky sack while your teams competing.

my first yr for nationals even though i was a team leader still turned out to be the best competition for the simple fact that it was fun. espicially going to WDW. the only problem i had that year was that after the ceremonys saturday night by the time we got to go to WDW to have the last team celebration the park was getting ready to close :frowning: otherwise it was an experience i shall never forget. I even got a team picture from when i was in FL hanging above my bed post. goes to show how much i miss FL

Park was ready to close? You didn’t stay to watch Mandy Moore’s concert, did you?
LOL, Best scene ever - thousands of FIRST geeks choosing to go to EPCOT over watching Mandy Moore.

LOL i remember that…that was one of my favorite FIRST memories… :stuck_out_tongue:

I wish it would come back to disney…it would make our travel a lot cheaper again…

In the 2001 nationals, it was raining so hard that water was comming up from the floor.

Yeah, 2001 was the year when we got the ponchos, which were of course a moot point by the time we got them, cuz we were already soaking.

And then in 2002, it was raining so hard that a few teams spent their free time making “rain-angels” in the parking lot (as opposed to snow-angels)

My point was that it never seemed to rain on Saturdays during opening or closing ceremonies.

(with a tear in the cornor of an eye) Oh the memories, the long days screaming for teams, sweating over robots ,scouting ,cheering, going horse,getting tan. I just can’t wait to do it all again this year. 2 weeks and 2 days away

Oh man i rember all of that, we left when it rained that night and we knew it was going to flood, we were in a parking lot. And put everything up on tables and we had our crate in the pit so in and on top of that. We came the next mronign and there was a line about 6 inches up on everything.

I fondly rember the awards ceremony that took like 3 hours, then when mandy moore came on we all left. I felt bad, i dont liek walking out of peoples concerts even if they are some big recording act, but i did anyways it just took waaaay to long. I also rember from that night when we were leaving the every lasting EEEEEEYYYY that was going on under the spaceship earth. i think i started it bye making fun of some guy out there who was trying to call someone, but then again i might be wrong. I just remeber how loud it was then being at the pits and still hearing the echos of the yells. I think there is a thread on it somewhere.

While nationals at Epcot were GREAT I’m happy we moved on it was just too expensive and being outside was not great. Thats why there are no more competitions out side. I hope that Atlanta is better than houston was, and houston was pretty awesome.

I must admit, the only reason I saw any of the concert was because I was dsown by the stage getting the trophy for the animation award. Otherwise I would have been out of there.

We were handing out frisbees that year, and most of them went to people to prop boxes up on and get them away from the water. Oh the memories…

Don’t you mean running in terror?

If I recall correctly, after “And now…musical sensation MANDY MOORE”, the resulted movement was the biggest migration of 20,000 people i’d ever seen.
…Of course, I was nothing but a wee middle schooler back then. Ohh they days of ye old nationals. How we miss thee.

mm that is prob the funniest thing i have seen in awhile when they announced mandy moore and no one stayed. Ya i wish the nationals were still down here, nothign better then having them on your home turf

[quote] mataman02
before graduating HS the one thing you MUST do is to at least attend 1 nationals. Its awesome. Your away from home for about a week and you spend that week with not only your team members but fellow teams as well. and depending where you stay you guys could like go to the nearest game room or be outside and play hacky sack while your teams competing.

[quote] mataman02

I’ve already graduated HS. The fact is I hate planes and scared of flying. That’s why I’ve never gone to nationals. I’m not going with my team this year either. My team has gotten by without me at Nats so far.

I have actually flown before for business purposes but wasn’t given much of a choice in the matter.[/quote]


i think the best memory of the mandy moore concert was the fact her pants had to be constantly adjusted by her wardrobe personell on stage… that was it tho…

my team stayed for about a few minutes to the concert after that we retreated to WDW for the last team social in FIRST till the next season begins. The time just seemed so short between the speeches and the Social.

Looking forward to my first nationals experience… and I happen to be operating too! I am really pumped for this as I have heard from every older member on my team just how much fun it is. The only qualm I have is the length, I’d like to stay longer than wednesday to saturday night, but its a long bus ride back up to toronto from atl… hehe

ahahahahahah i remember this so well!! i can so remember going outside during a brutal thunderstorm and seeing kids play frisbee… this will be my 4th nationals in a row and I know it will be nowhere as good as my first two. Basically, disney owned. Transportation everywhere with the snap of your fingers, awesome food, awesome venue, awesome rides, awesome everything. I didn’t care about paying extra for food either, disney just ruled.

Last year was a huge dissapointment for me, thankfully our team did well so I didn’t really notice how much houston was a dropoff from disney.

comeon Disney and First, become friends again!!! we miss you!! sheesh.

[edit- more memories]

anyone see the kid pointing at the camera with his mouth open? dude reminds me of that skinny little kid on little giants…

at that exact awards ceremony my team was sitting behind a team… maybe 56? who was throwing out sweet flexible frisbees- i still have mine in my room… anyway, they would chuck them 100 yards down (we were at the top of the stands) and would try to hit people down. Hilarious stuff. I bet it wasn’t so hilarious when people got hit, but it was entertainment.

The team behind us had about 10 bags full of pixty sticks. yep, behind us, so we got about 5 bags worth.

Man, i really do miss Florida. Florida ruled, pwned, owned whatever you want to call it. I can’t put in words how much I miss florida… daisjdlsajdpsa… anyone else feel this way?

[/end rant2]