pic: Panthrobotics Presents Ascendance

Panthrobotics, FIRST Team 3337, is proud to reveal our 2015 robot, Ascendance.

A few of the more interesting parts -

  • We are using a Grasshopper Drive as originally designed by 624. The extra traction is to enable a long-ways journey across the scoring platform.

  • You’ll also notice three ball bearings on the back of the drive-train used to prevent grounding out. Instead, the robot will simply slide across.

  • We designed the bot so as to not have to lower our lifting mechanisms to score each time. Instead, the conveyor lifts each tote independently - though we can lift more than one on each hook if needed.

  • The robot was painted using PlastiDip - an amazing little product. Though you can’t tell, the color shifts dependent on the angle of the light.

We have other components that are not attached to the bot - these will be revealed at a later time.

I wanted to mention real quick the URL for PlastiDip. We found some amazing paints from them that really made for some cool robot designs.


Very cool robot design. I too am a huge fan of plastidip. This is the first time I’ve noticed a team using it.

Is there a drop in the omni wheels?

If I recall correctly, grasshopper is a variant of butterfly/octanum. Usually only the omnis or only the traction wheels contact the floor at any given time.

What’s the pitch between the hooks (though ledges or mantles might be a better description)? Obviously a bit larger than 12", but probably not too much larger to speed up disengaging from a stack of totes.

Hmmm… If you run the conveyors up so high that the hooks pull out of the way, I suppose you could still make stacks taller than 4 totes if those shelves are short enough to feet between the extended stacking tabs on the side of the totes. That would certainly make for a secure carry of single totes on each hook, as well.

See you at Bayou!

The way grasshopper works is that there is a drop in the omni wheels and uses the drop/tilt when actuating the traction wheels to raise the omni wheels off the ground.

Then I recalled correctly.