pic: Parade Bot

Parade Bot was made for training during the summer a couple years ago. Two weeks before the Fourth of July we started working on adding a grill to it. The grill opens and closes. Inside the grill there’s a rubber chicken that makes an awful dying sound when squeezed.

That guy’s look is priceless

And that robot is win

drat. I saw the picture and was hoping it would automatically grill your meat. regardless, very cool and doubly appropriate bot for what appears to be an Independence Day parade

Yes, this was for the Fourth of July. One of our mentors took a paper plate and drew a Steering wheel on it. He would give it to little kids and show them how to “drive” the robot. A team member was a little way away, driving the robot the same way the kid “drove” the robot. It was really funny watching people trying to figure out how the paper plate was driving the robot.

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