pic: Paragon 571

at 128.8 lbs, here is the latest paragon creation.
(you may notice that we haven’t yet mounted the light, but we broke the barcket that we made for it so It won’t be able to be attached till we actually get to the competition)

If you look at the back, you can see our rear axle pivoting to conform to the ramp - it helps out a lot with those pushing matches at the top of the ramp.

With 2 drills and 2 chippy’s, we clock in at a good 12ft a second.

Those arms sticking off of the front are used to automatically orient boxes for pickup. They can also rotate 180 degrees, and can create a profile of about 7 1/2 ft for pushing around bins. The best thing is that they’re made of PVC, so they just bend out of the way if they get rammed.