pic: Paragon Teaser 1


Looks like some kind of swerve drive with linkages…

Then again I could wrong. Is the metal that you’re using painted or is it just the reflection from the surface that it’s on?

eww look who it is lol. Ay yo check your texts sometime you bum! Anyways, looks cool… whatever it is.

looks like you guys are prototyping a way to turn with vex

Looks to me like some sort of VEX linkage, ackerman, or swerve proto

k…so I think we’ve finally established that its a VEX linkage system…

Anything else?

hmmm… Intriguing…

I wonder what it might be!

It must be a piece to a robot, lol

Profound observation. This kid just earned himself 10 points. (:

Team Paragon, what have you got up your sleeve?

Yaya, I get 10 points, lol. But seriously, what does it do?

I’m pretty sure it’s a VEX prototype of a swerve/crab drive. Now, I can’t see the wheels, so I can’t tell for certain.

I bet its 2 weel or 4 weel drive:]

ok. i just found this. and it took me forever to figure it out -__-

why are you posting something from last year… obviously it was our swerve drive and you should know what it is

like i said. i just found it. and i did figure it out. sorry for posting?