pic: PARC Refs


The referees during the opening ceremonies at PARC VIII. They did a great job and made sure everyone played fair.

Thanks to all the teams for playing clean and keeping the penalties low. All the rookie drivers should be congratulated for playing well - I know there were a lot of newbies on the field, myself included. This was my first ref-ing job* and had a great time. (I’m the shiny spot behind Brian’s head)

Thanks to Head Ref John Rizzo - it was a pleasure to work with you! John really understands this game and how to call it fairly.

One thing for sure - this game really kept the refs on their toes. You need 2 or 3 pairs of eyes to see everything going on!

  • 2nd time if you include 2003 Ramp Riot, but Stack Attack refereeing was mostly just counting totes after the match.

what a great event! glad i could lend my assistance again guys! Ps, im colorblind apparently

yes john is the man pete haha ref-ing was fun and im cant wait to do it again! im the short one next to pete… :yikes:

and yes greg we are all colorblind :ahh:

You certainly made some really good calls for some really tough matches. Great job! :slight_smile: