pic: PARC X Coloring Sheet (swimming admission)

This is the coloring sheet required for free swimming during PARC X. There is a three hour swim scheduled (with life guards). People who color this and turn it in will be able to swim for free. If you don’t want to color, but want to swim there will be a $2.00 admission. The official coloring sheet in .doc and .pdf format is available here: http://www.tigertrons.com/2007/parc/coloring.htm

Why is Dean wearing (deflated) water wings? Does he not want to get his hair wet? He also only has four toes on each foot. :stuck_out_tongue:

This is certainly a creative way for PARC event organizers to give teams a chance to bypass paying for certain event expenses. Hey Andy and Chris, if teams create life-size ice sculptures of you and bring them to IRI, would you waive their entrance fee??? :smiley:

are dean’s floaties made out of denim?

Is Woodie wearing one-of-a-kind flipper Chucks?

The coloring sheet is an awesome idea!

Can’t wait for PARC!

It’s up to you, they need to be colored. I’m not sure if there is such a thing as orange, yellow, green denim, but I am sure if you color them blue FIRST people will know its denim.

I’m not sure, but it looks like Dave has some pretty small feet too.

See you at the PARC!