pic: Parker and JVN try to push Truck Town


This was clearly a failed endeavour. As strong as 148’s drivetrain was this year… Nobody Pushes Truck Town!!! Not even John-Town.

48 certainly would have tried our best had we still been using our full treads… 68 did a great job in the elims at IRI.

Thanks to 148 and their rookie driver for giving their best for our alliance! :slight_smile:

Yeah, the photo title should really be “Parker and JVN try to persuade Truck Town to drive backwards of their own volition”. Very few teams are that persuasive, though.

At one point Truck Town had us(HOT) pushed into the rack and ended up moving the rack about 30 degrees.

I was yelling at my drivers to get out of there, but it was no use.

33/47/68 had great strategy taking down 48/67/148.

You weren’t on Newton this year when during the elims. I believe the play by play announcer called, “The Bobcats pushing Truck Town!”

@ 0:47 Seconds](http://www.thebluealliance.net/tbatv/match.php?matchid=4093)

i dont know team 675 might have been able to push you

To John and 148’s credit there whole allience did a awesome job. Besides it’s not your fault you ran into a brick wall that was the allience of 47,33,93 and 68 that was crazy. 148 did manage to get a few on truck town but it was one brutal mash up everytime out, fun to watch. Great picture by the way.


Where did this photo come from!? I demand a retake!

Haha, I look rediculous.

I was really in trouble once they got on me. John kept yelling, “Roll off! Roll off!” Yet, our bot wouldn’t turn at all. They played some pretty good defense. Hopefully we won’t have to face that drive train next season. :smiley:

Now to find who took that picture…