pic: Part 1

Dont forget to subtract the cosine value (of the width of your mechanism against the 84" cylinder) from the 43.6" if you decide to go that far out! You already did it for the back of your frame.

that is some serious keyed axle

Bumpers don’t count? huh

Given that the starting configuration excludes bumpers, I think many teams are assuming that the playing configuration also excludes them.

"For the purposes of determining compliance with the weight and volume limitations, the items listed below are NOT considered part of the ROBOT and are NOT included in the weight and volume assessment:

A. the 12V battery and its associated half of the Anderson cable quick
connect/disconnect pair (including no more than 12” of cable per leg, the associated cable lugs, connecting bolts, and insulating electrical tape),

B. BUMPER assemblies (including BUMPER covers, if appropriate) that are in
compliance with Rules <R07> and <R08>,



Manual sec. The Robot <R11>

As i see it the volume (LWH) assessment is done for both max playing configuration and starting configuration at inspection.

I’m not assuming that. I find it expressly stated in <R11> (quoted by ttakashima). ::rtm::

Ok, thanks for clearing that up