pic: Part of a Nutritious Breakfast

A bowl of nuts, bolts, washers, and other parts that had fallen off robots during matches, at the pit admin desk at the NASA/VCU regional. Part of your everyday nutritious breakfast - 100% of your recommended daily value of iron! :stuck_out_tongue:

I hope that’s not all from one robot, or said robot could have issues.

It’s usually much worse.

Thats sacrilegious !

Protronie rule #4; Don’t mess with me in the morning before I’ve had my first POT of coffee.

Hey you forgot the Krispy Kreams too! :eek:

If there were coffee and donuts in there, I’d be worried about what some of the teams were using in their robots. :wink:

KoP. Krispy (Kreme) of Parts? :slight_smile:

:slight_smile: So thats where those bolts went!!!

Nuts for breakfast!!! Thats just screwy!!!

I guess you could just bolt it down…

Oh, I thought the story behind this bowl was that teams had brought some assorted hardware up to the Pit Admin desk so that other teams could grab whatever they needed out of it instead of making a parts request announcement. Kind of like the take-a-penny, leave-a-penny tray. I vaguely remember seeing the bowl appear immediately after some team asked for one 1/4-20 bolt that was exactly 1.75" long in order to mount some major component.

Your explanation makes much more sense in hindsight.

Its a robot casserole!

our logo: big

Honey nut Sandbolts!

their technically delicious

We need to bring back the traditional posting of the carnage box from every regional. It’s always amusing what falls off robots. 2003 was the best year for it because of the ramp made from metal grating.

Is that a magnetic bowl?

Nope, just a normal plastic bowl.