pic: Parts of a robotics competition match

A rough hierarchical sketch of the entities that are involved in an FRC/VRC/FTC/… match. They are entities that might show up in a match simulator. It would be easy to quibble over the details of the hierarchy (I argue with myself over it), but that probably wouldn’t be very productive. People simulating any part of what eventually gets used in a match shouldn’t be surprised by requests to simulate each/any of the entities, or their interfaces.

Folks - It might sound like I think that this diagram is so close to perfect that it can’t be improved. That’s not the case.

Instead, I think that some radically different, but equally accurate, diagrams/descriptions of what makes up a robotics competition are possible/likely.

That said, I posted this to try to create a common view that could be used when discussing simulations of robots and/or competition matches. In particular I hope it will be useful to folks contributing to this thread FRC Simulator Features Ideas

However, if someone has a different view, or wants to suggest an important change in this view, please post or upload what you are thinking.