pic: Passing of the Torch

In the corner is a picture of me from a newspaper from my senior year in 174 robotics with my famous “Tetraman” tri-corner hat.

The other picture is my younger sister in this year’s Finger Lakes Regional from this article: http://www.syracuse.com/news/index.ssf/2009/03/arctic_warriors_robotics_team.html

The tricorner hat is symbolic for 174, and to have started the trend and have it get passed to my sister is so cool.

Nice, great to see things stay and pass down in family.

Your team has pretty cool shirts in some awesome colors I’m kinda partial to! lol
Blue & Orange ftw! :smiley:

Anyways, is your team going to Atlanta?
Anyone from your team want to trade shirts?

Yeah, it’s something about the orange and blue…reminiscent of portal…nerdiness:]

I hate that shirt because i hate the gators.

While 174 was given the chance to go to Atlanta this year, I don’t believe they will. If I found a way to get a hold of one of the 174 shirts I’ll let you know.

Ok Sounds good. PM me if you find out.

Great pic, great team spirit, and you’re right - to have started a tradition like that is pretty awesome :slight_smile:

174 TEAM SPIRIT WOOOO!!! You haven’t seen the robot this year Evan. I think you’ll be surprised and pleased with our design if you’re volunteering again. :]