pic: Pat's Car

I actually had to see this thing for myself to belive it

Whose HOT?

… Pat’s car is HOT. =)

Is it just the picture, or is the car pink? Maybe the plate should say 233 Pink :]

Nice by the way, I love custom plates like that.

no its just the junk camera on my motorola MPx220

yeah that does make it look sucky… and you didn’t even get pics of all those flaming accessories? not even the dice I bought him for his birthday just for his car?! zeesh
you disappoint me tytus

FYI: the car is red :stuck_out_tongue:

By the way…nice car, Pat. Lordstown, OH built!

So… Connecticut needs to get 7 digit plates soon so someone from our team can get rage 173… darn smaller states… Both the cars in this thread with their custom plates make me jealous.

I need to get one someday that says GUS**·**228. :stuck_out_tongue:

Jon, why not use NERD**·6 or FRC·**173?

You need those cool/pretentious words in there - it is a “vanity” plate, after all.

FRC 173 zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

ELITE! 48 67 HOT! RAGE! 173 Look at me, I’m compensating!!!



I remember spotting a yellow Plymouth Horizon with the MI plate KLRBEES (belonged to a member of FRC33) at the Kettering Kickoff 2008.

I’ve also spotted other vanity plates around FRC events:
Ontario plate: TEAM1114 (in the parking lot at Governor Simcoe SS for the new control system seminars)
Ontario plate: TEAM2056 (in the parking lot at the Destination Inn, Waterloo, Waterloo Regional 2009)
MI plate: 67 HOT (in its home on the back of HOT 67’s 2008 bot when we won with them at KK 08)

EDIT: oops on the thread resurrection, but FRC vanity plates are cool :stuck_out_tongue:

When I get a car how am I supposed to fit “744 Shark Attack” on it.:mad:

I’m hoping to get a KRUNCH 79 vanity plate, one of our mentors has a plate with 79 cut out (probably did it himself) on the front of his car.

I checked last year in the CT DMV database, & ROBOT, ROBOTS & ROBOTZ were all still available.

*FIRST *was not though, & since I checked back then, I’ve actually seen the car with FIRST on the CT plate driving around which is kinda funny.

I thought about getting TM1592 for our tailer, but we haven’t done it yet though

you can get vanity trailer plates in FL? most places only allow passenger vehicles to get vanity plates.

in Ontario trailer plates follow the formats:
123 (crown) 45A
A12 (crown) 345
A12 (crown) 34B

Ontario also has picture plates (they have an image, like sports teams, or university logos)… I wonder how we would go about getting a FIRST logo on an ontario plate… if we did that, i’d get one with:

(FIRSTLogo) SS1075