pic: Paul and Dan

The voices of the midwest regionals.
Notice paul pointing to his hair, styled by his cousin…
A mohawk? Some say call it a faux hawk, immitation is the greatest form of flattery right? Or maybe paul is just trying to be cool like those of us with the real mohawks.

On another note, does anyone else see this one as having 'caption contest' written all over it?

Once again…

Dan Green, epitomy of cool.
Paul Copioli, dork.

not just a dork, JVN, a crushed dork

:ahh: Seriously John, we need to talk.

Dork… Crushed Dork…
I would have to agree… his hair isnt even colored!

Though that crushed dork has probably been one of the most influential people on me for the past two years… funny how that works.

And since Paul will read this eventually:
Tank Treads Are Better [in sand or snow]! :slight_smile:

Johnny boy,

Not just dork. 100% dork, not from concentrate. You shouldn’t talk, because you’re the poster child for the next generation of dorks.

Big Mike,

You’re just upset because I gave you the only bear hug reversal you have ever fallen victim to. Get over it! Better yet, get used to it and this time I am not taking it easy on you.


Who’s more of a dork: me, or the person I influence?


P.S. - What the heck was I pointing at my eye for?


I think that’s for the Caption Contest Crew to figure out! :stuck_out_tongue:

i think he some thing in there or he was showing off his cornea…

I think you were pointing to your hair not your eye, and trying to show how your trying to be cool and hip, some would say ‘groovy’ whatever the kids are calling it these days. Man even Ken Patton was trying to rock the mohawk at midwest.

Oh yeah, I remember that. I was showing you my tribute to the mohawk and you snapped a picture.

My spiked look was part of the Huskie Brigade Driver Incentive Program (HBDIP). Sometime Friday (after we ditched the intricately designed gripper arm for a MUCH more forgiving and effective stick - thank you Stevie Alvarado for pushing us over the top) I suggested that I would make my hair spiked like Stevie’s if we were to put up 6 tetras in a match. Well, we did, so right before finals Stevie gave me a 1-minute coif.

It doesn’t surprise me that Paul would want his hair to look like mine and your’s Josh - we look SO good in that picture!



Mine was spiked Saturday morning before I arrived and your’s was spiked at the comp before finals. Who wanted to look like who, copycat?


What do you guys know about good lookin’ hair anyways. If you need lessons I could arrange it for Championships.

We don’t want to look like Toucans that sniffed too much glue. We just want a fashionable Mohawk.

Jealousy does not become you Paul.

I thought about bringing clippers to IRI last year and offering mohawks to anyone who wanted them. Maybe this year i’ll actualy do it:)

Hey if I go…sign me up i’ll be first. I mean come on i got the holiest almighty Ken Patton (just playing with ya Ken) to get a fohawk so I might as well get me the real thing. ha ha ha :cool: