pic: PD-1345 Trailer

This is one of the new toys Platinum Dragons were able to get over the summer. Students will design their own workbench and cabinets that will be built inside the trailer. Of course the orange decals will go all over it.

Congrats on your new addition. I’m sure you’ll enjoy having it.

Be careful. If you put machine tools in there and take it to competitions, I believe there are some rules discussing making it available to all the other teams.

When you do that, you have to talk about insurance etc.

FIRST welcomes team-provided mobile machine shop facilities/trailers at events, but the
proposed facility has to comply with FIRST and venue requirements. The mobile machine
shop/trailer sponsor must adhere to the following two sections. Approval and Liability and Security Coverage
Have FIRST approval and clearance prior to each event. E-mail frcteams@usfirst.org to
request approval by Kickoff.
Provide liability coverage. Note that liability coverage at event venues vary, and specific
venue policies my further restrict the use of these team-provided mobile machine shops.
Without the proper additional insurance certificate, the mobile machine shop cannot be
used at the event. The requirements are:
a) Name FIRST as an additional insured.
© FIRST 2008 FIRST Robotics Competition Manual, Section 3 - At the Events, Rev C Page 14 of 20
b) Fax the certificate to 603 666 3907, Attention Team Support.
c) Present a copy of the certificate to the Event Manager on site prior to setting up the
machine shop.
Include an appropriate team-provided staff to perform the requested work. Each must
be covered under the provided liability coverage.
Provide for any security requirements. Neither FIRST nor the venue will provide these

Definitely a nice trailer! Out of curiosity, what vehicle will you tow it with?

'06 Tundra.

The trailer is sweeeet, can’t wait to see it ‘decorated’