pic: PD-1345's 2008 robot without bumpers

The robot is patiently waiting for the battery to be charged so it can go out to the practice field again. Team 108 was gracious enough to let team 1345 bring the robot over Thursday before ship and use the shop over the weekend to do tweaks and so forth. Not to mention George from Motorola got the IR board working perfectly for the robot. My kids and the robot lived there at Motorola until it was put in the crate.

Looks great Arefin, 1345 will definitely be a competitor this year, and it looks surprisingly like 108…fraternal twins? :rolleyes:
Anyways, I recognize that wall, many a naps taken there.
Good luck 1345! May the motoForce be with you. :stuck_out_tongue:

Looks sweet, I bet its got a killer grip. Missed you guys at scrimmage, you better kick some bot at UCF on thursday to make up for it ;).