pic: PDB on a hinge, cRio and battery will go below

Here you can see the hinge on the PDB at work. the cRio and battery will be going in the space underneath.

Wow that looks really neat what type of connectors are you using there.

could you post a picture of the board down and place it side by side with your first so I can see how much room you guys have?

I see some excellent practices there: good connectors, tape over the Jaguars during assembly, custom digital cable, SUPER neat wiring: I nominate you guys for some kind of award!

JeffJep - Those connectors are part of the Anderson PowerPole series. Specifically, the blue ones are PP45 (which are rated up to 45 Amps), the green are PP30 (which are rated up to 30 Amps) and the white are PP15 (rated up to 15 Amps). Each of them come in a wide variety of colors - but we selected different colors for each to help with quick, easy identification of the power rating. for a similar reason, our 12 gauge wire (for 40 Amp circuits) is white and black, while the 14 gauge (for 30 Amp circuits) is red and black. We bought in bulk - 500 foot spools - for a cost savings over the next several years :slight_smile:

Captain banana - We’ve already posted a picture with it laying flat here. What dimensions are you interested in? Beneath the PDB, we have a box going in that will hold the cRio in a horizontal position, extending downwards about 4-4.5 inches. There’s a piece of the same ESD-safe material we mounted everything else on supporting the cRio, with shock supports between the board and the box. Further, the box is being lined on all sides with an ESD-safe foam that will help protect from both shocks and shorts.

Beneath that box we have a pan for the battery, laying horizontal. There’s a lip that will run all the way around the battery, keeping it from shifting, and we’ll have a nylon strap with a buckle to secure it and keep it from bouncing.

Thanks Don - our electrical boards have received many compliments in past years, and even won first place at the State Fair one year :slight_smile: To say we hold ourselves to a high standard in this area would be an understatement.