pic: Peachtree Regional 2008 Competition Winners

Teams 343, 1319 & 547 were the competition winners at the 2008 Peachtree Regional.

wow… this was great!! thanks again to 1319 and 547 for a great alliance that went undefeated!!

1319 has always wanted to play in the finals with 343, we were ecstatic when we were able to pick you as well as 547 the allaince worked well with eachother and helped 1319 to keep our undefeated streak at Peachtree.


Congrats to teams 1319, 343 and 547! We are very proud to have you guys as our Peachtree Regional Champs! And congratulations to Flash for going undefeated in seeding play. Not an easy thing to do!

1319 could not have stayed undefeated if it weren’t for all of our alliance partners through qualifications. 832 had a great robot and helped our team out greatly by helping us to win our first qualification match. Being allied with them really gave our team the confidence boost needed to go all the way.

Congrats 1319, 343 and 547, great job on the regional win, I cant wait to see 343 and 1319 in palmetto again, maybe we won’t have to play again you both this time :smiley:

yeah… i’d much rather play with you than against you. ya’ll are always a great team, and we love to have you at palmetto!

Well I defiantly expect to see 1319 and 343 in the finals again at palmetto! Week 5 should be interesting with all these finalists coming to SC.