pic: Pearadox 5414 robot at Alamo 2016

Nice Design.
How well does it go over the barriers?

At Alamo the robot went over Rough Terrain, Rock Wall, Ramparts, Moat, Porticullis and Low Bar. Looking forward to a few improvements to the robot for Lone Star.

are you sure you have enough wheels?
Nice robot

Our team started out the year with a very similar drive train as yours. We had staggered 8" x 1.5" Plaction wheels with a front raised 8" pneumatic wheel. Went over the defenses like a tank… Unfortunately it weighed about as much as a tank too, so we ended up changing to a more economically sized and weighted drive train. I am interested to see another team using the same sort of system! Best wishes from 2619.

Well we decided the number of wheels had to be embedded somewhere in our team number, so 14 was the obvious choice.

We’ve got 6wd drop center with 1.5" vex wheels (or muscle wheels as our students call them), and then (8)-1" ‘wimpy wheels’ to make sure we can handle the moat and rockwall easily.

They’ve worked out great! We actually had a totally different design in mind that would have been pretty unique and awesome but was going to push us too late into the build season if we couldn’t get things machined just right, so we ended up putting more wheels on. It was really tight too, the space wasn’t designed for having staggered wheels. I gotta say, once we fixed some alignment issues (which is why our competition robot is spray painted and our practice robot is powdercoated) the wheels turn really smoothly by hand! Really runs smoothly over the defenses, if I can download the twitch feed from alamo I’ll have to link a match or two in here. Our own videos on youtube don’t have the weight of the collector system on there which sort of falsely makes it look like it struggles more than it does.