pic: Pearadox's (FRC5414) 2016 robot - Obsidio Machinam

You can also check out a quick video of it in action here. Not quite a release video, but we’ve been focused on a lot of other things to get ready for the Alamo Regional: https://youtu.be/pfaj4mYe7FM

Can’t figure out how to edit my description to the video, so starting a thread instead I guess.

We had some fun building the robot this year. Definitely prototyped and executed a lot of things we didn’t have the capability to do last year. Partially from new sponsors that can waterjet, weld, and machine; partially from a new mentor that has some machining capabilities at home; and partially from a couple of students that have really taken to CADing things up for us.

Our top half (collector, shooter, and electronics) is under 30 lbs and will be our WA for Alamo because we changed gears (in some cases, literally) on our base so late in the build season. One of the changes that we did involved testing a fix to some alignment issues on our practice bot. Fortunately those fixes worked by Monday before bag and tag - but it meant that our “practice bot” became our “comp bot”. So the picture you see here is actually our nice and pretty powder coated practice bot frame (with the fixes mentioned above) with our competition withholding allowance on it. Our comp bot has a good 10 foot spray paint job though.

Can’t wait to see the competition at Alamo! Though an extra couple of weekends could be nice…

Really interesting intake. Excited to see the flight bot in action!

Ahhh my gooooodness, all the weels!!

The number of wheels on our robot may or may not be the same as the last two digits of our team number…