pic: Penn Robotics 2001 Robot


Team 135’s 2001 Robot. It utilized two-wheels per axle in a crab-style drive.

Do my eyes deceive me? Are those Skyways on a crab drive?! :eek:

don’t be so suprised

hey if it works it works, right?

Is there something particularly wrong with that?

I just want to know, cause things like this are just good to know.

Is this pic @ nationals or KSC?

ok is it just me or does that cart have speed holes?

It’s just you :stuck_out_tongue:

The cart has the same finish as the robot.

i’m gonna guess that its KSC, for two reasons;

  1. all the teams/robots i see are from the KSC regional that year (21, cordzilla, panzer robotics, etc.), and
  2. the lighting doesn’t look like indoors lighting. so this is either at KSC, or on Einstein.

Thats what i was thinking but i thought there might have just been florida teams in the picture. That tent doesnt look big enough to be einstien anyways.