pic: Pennsylvania Team Map

This map shows all of the FIRST teams in Pennsylvania. However, teams are so tightly packed in the Philadelphia area that I decided to do a second map (which can be found at http://www.chiefdelphi.com/forums/pictures.php?action=single&picid=8291) just for this area, as the numbers would just blur together on this map. Besides the Philadelphia concentration, there are several teams in the northeast of the state, as well as near Pittsburgh.

I have a question regarding one of the teams listed on the PA map. I am a mentor/facilitator with team #63 located in Northwest PA. I see a team #652 is shown near us here in Erie, Pa. I could find no listing for this team anywhere. Can anyone give me any info about this team? We have great working relationships with teams 291 and 306, also located in our area and if 652 is a new team, we would like to contact them.

The following page is from FIRST, i dont know if they competed this past year but this is the most information i could find of them.

FIRST Information ofTeam 652

According to FIRST, Team 652 did not compete this year - hopefully they didn’t go out of existence. :confused:

Thanks to Dez and Goober for your assistance. I am still finding my way around the FIRST and Chief Delphi sites. I was not fully aware of how to research a team, but I am now!

There is a Seneca High School about 20 miles south of here. I was not aware that they had participated in FIRST. I will contact them and see if they are interested in getting back in the game next year. Again, thanks for your help!!!