pic: pep rally pic


we took some time to show are school what were up to: Students dig things that shoot

That’s a nice looking robot! About what’s the fire rate?

I’m jealous… you guys are finished :frowning:

The most we have together is our storage, chassis, and transmissions…

it can shoot about one ball every 2 sec just because of motor bog
and we can shoot over the 26ft/sec but we limit it to almost exactly that for long shots then we also have a close shot limit

and yes we got dune early but we have alought of stuff to perfect there should be alought more pics this weekend to

Yeah we would never have a pep rally at our high school. Robotics is cool and all but to other people its kinda nerdy and i would be made fun of but maybe in your school its like really popular but in ours its not so i hope it went well :yikes:

The easiest way to combat “motor bog” is by increasing the rotational inertia of the wheels. Put weight as far out from the center of the wheels as possible, so they store more energy and slow down less after a ball goes through.

Looks great though, beautiful implementation.

hi I dont know if my last post sounded like i was making fun of you but i wasnt and if i came off that way im sorry and i hope you can accept my apologize. if u do can you please help me out and give me a postive reputation because i want to start over fresh and not with a bad reputation