pic: Perfectly Timed Ball Levitation

This picture was taken when I was bouncing the ball and explaining something at the same time. The result was a ball freeze framed right at its maximum when I’m about to push it back to the ground.


Anyone tried filling the ball with helium? Hydrogen would be out for safety reasons, I suppose.

I doubt that the buoyant forces provided by the helium would be enough to make the ball noticeably lighter.

Is ball levitation during a match legal? Potential method for herding ball.

I’m pretty sure I heard from someone that it’s legal, but don’t quote me on that.

I would imagine it would be if you used the Coanda effect and a fan powered by a legal motor with adequate safety guards. :stuck_out_tongue:

A kid on our team suggested “Bernoulli Bot” a bot that operates by floating the ball above it via a large fan.
To go over the truss, simply rev it up and puss the ball higher. Momentum and Bernoulli’s principle would keep the ball centered above the robot.

Of course it is one of those joke ideas. We are NOT building a robot to do this

Why’d you give away that dark magic? You should post the picture first and explain it a day later :smiley:
That brings up the hype, making everyone think you are a supernatural!

We tried this with a big fan on day 2. Our calcs said we’d have to have the air go about twice as fast as our fan went but we decided to try it anyway. Our calcs were right.

Levitating a ball is a pretty good trick. But can you balance a robot on its front bumper 3 feet off the ground?