pic: personal transport chair 1

got bored down int he shop and built a transport unit out of a school chair and 2 banebots transmissions

This is just another toy in a series of toys i make down in the shop when we aren’t in season. I thought i would make it for our safety captain when he fell in love with a small chair that i put 4 casters on.

Do you remember the couch that was motorized at SVR, 2007? There’s a picture of it somewhere on CD, I know it… ‘scratches head’ We’ve always wanted to put a detachable seat on our 2007 robot, as it is very compact and flat with an arm in front. Nicely built, sturdy extruded aluminum. I wonder if the seat ever gets uncomfortable, though.

our 2004 robot was a massive brick of a drivetrain, with a nice flat top. so one of our members grabbed the control board and started driving it while sitting on top of it. it was awesome!

I already feel sorry for those Banebot Trannies, and I haven’t even seen it move yet… I’m not so sure those will hold up too well with the cantilevered load. Let us know how they turn out.


Suddenly wants to mount chair to 2005 Stack Attack robot :ahh:

Nice motorized furniture. I’m hoping you have the plastic seat to go with that chair frame… :]

So… I’m having a thought here… anyone who’s looking for a senior design project on flocking in college. Make a suite of family room furniture (like a map table, a couch, and an end table) and make them flock as one unit (stay stationary realtive to eachother as a master object (probably couch) moves relative to the ground).

Cool stuff!