pic: Philadelphia Regional - Personal Recognition Buttons


These are the three (3!) different buttons which will be distributed by teams at Philly as recognition. The button graphics were developed by Peggy Beattie, mentor on MOE 365.

Why exactly is there a sandwich on it? lol

I imagine it’s a Philly cheesesteak :slight_smile:

I’ll be there. How do we get one?

and, yes, It’s a philly Cheesesteak.

Is that provolone on the steak and mustard on the pretzel? Well done MOE, great attention to detail :smiley:

Yes, these buttons are very Philly-specific. The buttons are of (1) Ben Franklin, one of our country’s most prolific inventors whose home was Philadelphia, (2) a true Philly cheesesteak, and (3) a Philly soft pretzel with mustard.

To get one of these buttons, you must EARN it. Each team attending the Philly Regional will get five buttons to hand out to those deserving individuals. Here are the details:


Teams Attending the Philadelphia Regional:

Obviously, FIRST is all about recognition and inspiration. This
absolutely holds true for the FIRST Finger Lakes Regional event.
To further encourage each of us to create the world we would
love to live in, we introduce the PHILADELPHIA REGIONAL
“PERSONAL RECOGNITION” BUTTON. This button will not be
distributed freely, but must be EARNED by an individual.

The way it works…

Each team participating in the Philadelphia Regional (44
teams) will receive a packet containing 5 (five) “PERSONAL
RECOGNITION” buttons and a Personal Recognition Data Form
for each button. Each team should plan to award a button to
an individual at the event who should be recognized for
outstanding behavior in any of the following areas:

  • Gracious Professionalism
  • Helpfulness
  • Spirit / Enthusiasm
  • Xtreme Safety
  • Bringing people together

Individuals could be members of another team, FIRST staff,
venue staff, the concierge at your hotel, or the driver of your
bus. Assessing individuals to recognize is going to be somewhat
subjective. However, the overriding factors are actions
“Deserving Special Recognition.”

Not only will recognized individuals receive a limited edition button,
but the team awarding the button should also record the name,
team number or other affiliation, and reason for the recognition
on a Personal Recognition Data Form at the time of the award.
Each button you present should have an accompanying form.
The forms should be turned in at the Pit Administration Table by
noon on Saturday. Please complete this short form! Information
about recognized individuals from all forms returned will be posted
on the Philadelphia Regional Official Web-site shortly after the

So put your Gracious Professional game-face on and do what you
always do at FIRST competitions, create an environment we all
wish we lived in everyday and please take the time to recognize
someone who deserves a Philadelphia Regional “Personal
Recognition” Button!

Go Philly Teams!

Phialdelphia Regional Planning Committee
Personal Recognition Buttons brought to you by MOE 365

TEAM NUMBER (this is the team giving the award) _______________________________
(1) Write name of recipient and check box that indicates reason for recognition

(2) Write a brief description explaining more specifics about the reason for recognition.

NOTE: Want to start your own Personal Recognition process at your regional? Check this out --> http://www.fsrobotics.org/moe365//pra-howto.php

I want 3 cheesesteak buttons :ahh:

Gino’s FTW!

It’s a Grinder!!! Woooooo!!! :smiley: :smiley:

I wish I had talked to someone on Moe before we went out to the Oklahoma City Regional. With it being a rookie regional there was so many times that teams and mentors and volunteers went out of their way to do something wonderful. Whenever I would see such an action, I would think “I wish I had a recognition button to give them.” I think this is a great program to recognize all of those behind the scenes and under the radar actions that make our competitions fun and safe and successful.

I’m looking forward to Philly and a chance to encourage our team to recognize some of the people who go above and beyond at that regional!

It’s clearly from Pat’s. ONLY the best. :stuck_out_tongue:

I think you mean Geno’s. :cool:

psh… I want a REAL cheesesteak, none of that fake junk from the neon monstrosity. But seriously, a Pat’s Cheese Wiz Steak wit is the way to go.

BTW, buttons have been sorted randomly into each team’s packet. You might have four Ben Franklins and a pretzel. Others might have three cheesesteaks and two Franklins.

Poor Ben (Franklin). He’s being upstaged by dough, meat, and cheese. Doesn’t anyone want a Ben Franklin Personal Recognition Button?!?!?

I would proudly wear a Ben Franklin button, I just wouldn’t fly a kite in a lightning storm. And anyways the other two would just make me hungry.