pic: Philidelphia Philli

The Philidelphia Philli Fan Came To Ramp Riot 2007

The Philly Fanatic was fun/cute for a while, but when he started playing around during the alliance selection it got a bit annoying.

Mascots tend to get obnoxious after a while.
It’s in their DNA.

Yep. The Phanatic was having a grand old time and it was fun … until he decided to scatter scouting information held by an alliance captain during selections :ahh:

Sorry if the Phanatic caused some confusion on the field. As the event coordinator it did make me a little nervous. Alliance selections already cut into your time, when they run well.

However, it actually states in the Phanatic’s appearance contract, that he is a spontaneous and energetic creature that will randomly create havoc.

I must say however, that it was an overall positive experience having him at Ramp Riot. The fans loved it. Thanks to the Philadelphia Phillies for donating his time!!