pic: Philly Finals

This is a pic I took right after the final match of the Philadelphia Regional. Congratulations to the winning alliance!

Go Chuck! And also a thank you to our alliance members Miss Daisy and Birds Of Prey! And also to everyone there thank you for a wonderful time!

We were very surprised when they called out there to be in the matches. Those were some good matches. We just got outplayed

I love the coloring of the photo, I am assuming this was from software? Would you share details?

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LOL Good pic Alexa.

her camera comes with a feature that lets u select a color and only see that color…

Im not a camera guy but I am looking into buying a good one, What kinds of cameras have things like that or what computer software can I get to do something like that?

Great Pic, great teams, great people and an awesome regional.

My camera can do that, it’s a Canon Powershot SD500. It’ now discontinued, but I’m sure the newer Canon’s have the same feature.

Yes, they do my SD700 does. I believe most of the SD model line can.

I should probably get a quality camera, as anyone who has seen the photos I posted knows. Whats the price on one of those? great photo!


The SD700 I have Varies in price from $300-$325 depending where you get it. models like the SD600 are closer to $200’s but lack optical image stabilization, have less zoom and are only 6 mega pixels not 7.

Canon has a ton of SD line cameras and for the most part you cant go wrong. Its just a matter of getting a balance between what features you want and how much you want to pay.

Like the picture… That is some pretty sweet color effects. Photoshop???

This pic was taken with my Canon Powershot SD800. It costs about $400, but the SD750 is very similar to it, and is about $50 less. Though, as other people have said, most of the camera in that line have this feature so perhaps you could look around and find a cheaper one.

Sorry for taking so long to respond, I just got back from Women’s Final Four in Cleveland…