pic: photoshop #7

dont play with pipe bombs

I was looking at this picture last night and I thought the same thing of it that i think now. Personally I understand that this picture is meant as a joke and it goes along with the CD Photoshop Contests, however I feel that this picture, along with some pictures that have been uploaded lately, are inappropriated to the CD community as a whole. I believe you should be able to upload some non robot related pictures to here, but a picture of a mentor that we all hold as a hero playing with pipe bombs, whether it be a joke or not, is totally unacceptable. There is current discussion in the thread located on here about how too many pictures are being uploaded. I feel a picture such as this is definitly pushing the limit. Just my opinion guys.

I was thinking the same thing last night when I saw this show up on the portal. I know it’s meant to be funny, but I do believe there’s a line between funny and inappropriate, especially this day in age. Though I’m certain the majority can differentiate between funny and offensive, some may come to this site and see that as a representation of what this organization is about, especially being on the front portal, and I don’t think that’s the type of image we would like to portray.

I agree, but look again

its a picture of a mentor who doesnt play with pipe bombs ! :^)

I am going to have to fully agree with Scott and Marc on this one. I strongly believe that some of the pictures that have been posted recently should not be up on the CD Portal for everyone to see. Chiefdelphi is where FIRST comes to chat, this includes teams, sponsors, and outsiders that may be looking into getting involved in FIRST. Do we really want a major sponsor being shown to Chiefdelphi and seeing a picture of a bomb? If I were them, I would get some thoughts that would only make me not like the program.

I would like to suggest that there would be a way that this could be somewhere else or hidden from the portal. That way these people can still have their fun without hurting FIRST as a whole. If you believe this is not right and that these works of art should be shown, then i am sorry but I believe you are not thinking about how the community should be seen as a whole.

Well since this is art, there are many ways to look at this. It looks like he did play with one, had a bad experience, and is suggesting not to. So to keep the seriousness of what Scott said, I will have to say that it was a picture done in bad taste.

First off i hope that the creator of the picture was PM’ed with what you thought of the picture before dragging it out and making a huge public complaint. Also while there is some issues with people not agreeing with the Photoshop contests and some of the less relevant pictures generated by it, the CD media section may not be the best place to store these images since they are off topic. there are a number of free hosting sites that will allow you to host the images. And finally my dad being a firefighter and having seen this happen would likely prefer any method that does influence people not to play with pipe bombs, sometimes humor gets through the best.

I never really understood Photoshop until I started browsing the threads here in CD. I didn’t understand that you can do so many things to a photo to alter it. That is naive, I understand, but it is also real. We have sponsors and visiting guests that are my age and I would weigh in on the side of caution. Create a way for the WAI & games/trivia to do their thing, following the rules set forth, and also lessen any chance for misunderstanding when viewing the portal. So much of CD is inside information, inside jokes, inside trivia. The sponsors, new mentors, & guests want to understand CD’s connection to robotics and to FIRST.

well first off i didn’t receive any private messages asking me to remove the pic nor did i get any direct complaints . i must say sorry to those who may have been offended or believe this not to be proper from CD media .
(i know i have the freedom of speech but that freedom ends where another persons begins in that if it is found to be directly offensive or hurtful toward a group that i must stop)
version 1 of this picture was much more how should i say gruesome in that there were burns and things of that nature . version two was a gif of the pipe cartoonishly exploding . this was version 3 i gave it a Willey coyote look so as not to offend . but i see that it has so again I’m sorry but speaking out for the sake of speaking out against something is not something i endorse so yeah i much rather would have liked a PM than an entire topic devoted to how you dint like the picture and you think it is inappropriate.

I’ve done some thinking and I’ve held a lot of people back by not withdrawing my entry that is a bit controversial so here i say it i withdraw my photo shop contest entry please continue with the contest and have fun guys