pic: Pic of Ipski Pipski in Pool

This is Ipski Pipski practicing the 2006 MATE mission in our practice pool at Scuba Sciences. We were trying out our LED cluster lights that were encased in acrylic resin. Our grabber is picking up a probe that had to be inserted in to an instrument panel. Were decided to try the mission in the dark!! In case you did not here about it yet, we are hosting the National Underwater Robotics Challenge in Chandler, AZ June 8-10, 2007

Just wondering if there are any FIRST team out there that are interested in the National Underwater Robotics Callenge, NURC. We are hosting it June 8-10 in Chandler, AZ. FIRST teams have most of the stuff you need to do this, You can get bilge pumps and strip them down for thrusters that are waterproof to 100ft. They only cost $16 and then all you need is a few water tight containers and your in!

please check out www.h2orobots.org

If you have hesitations, please let me know what they are… Thanks!

Very cool. Making plans as we speak.

Does that mean you want to enter the NURC ?