pic: Picture Frame Prototype

This is a project that I was doing for a PLTW class, I decided to make it into a picture frame that we could use to give to our sponsors and mentors. The picture was taken while the frame was being engraved with a 45 watt Laser. Our final product will be made out of a solid piece of oak vs. individual pieces as seen in the picture. The frame was virtually free as it was made from all scrap material!

Looks good. I’ved used a ULS X2-660 quite a bit. What do you use for a blowe/exhaust on yours? Have you had any trouble with it. On occasion I have not been too happy with it, and the lenses are quite expensive. What software do you print from?

I can not get you the exact name of the exhaust right now, but we never have any problems when we engrave wood, but some plastics create a lot more smoke than it can take out! some of the problem is that due to budget cuts on the district level the school has cut back on the shops budget, and we are trying to make the filters last as long as possible before replacing them.

Yes the engraver was purchased a year before I was at the school, but I hear It was a pretty penny.

We use CorelDraw, I have never tried any other software, as to download any software onto the computer would take about a year of persuading the school network admins :wink: :rolleyes: