pic: Pictures of the 3 Kinds of Trophies from M@M

An award trophy, a First and Second Pace trophy. Each Special award trophy was hand painted differently. They also have one glass marble, Second place trophies have 2 marbles and First place trophies have 3 marbles.

Those trophies were really professional looking. Great job Andrew.

ya, these things are sweet and water resistant i might add/ had it in the back of the truck the whole way home

i sooo love them still!! two of ours is in my room near my computer…gotta bring them down to the pit some point in time…

great job andrew again!!

Andrew the trophies rock! Very cool design thanks for making them for us. :slight_smile:
Also thanks for helping on setup and dj work. Good to see you.

:] -Drew :]

Andrew, great job with the trophies, Having something tangible that you can hold to show how hard you have worked and your success is a very powerful tool. I am looking forward to the team showing it to the administration to gain more support and having ours sit on the front desk of Saint Cloud High School.

Andrew, you’ve done it again.

What trophies will this guy come up with next?

Wow good to hear that, i got the clear coat on the base just before it started to rain, one of them had the spots i missed starting to rust a little, but nothing like the old ones.

Thanks for all the kind words everyone, it was alot of work.

I dunno, have to wait till the next competition in the south that i know the organizers dont we.