pic: Pigs are airborne, and ice is coming from the ground...

Jason Morrella, former long-term FIRST Regional Director and current IFI VEX West Coast Director, has indeed tied the knot. It is rumored that as he uttered the words “I do,” suddenly pigs were seen flying by the windows and ice erupted from the ground as Hades froze over. Oh yeah, and several of us lost very large chucks of our paychecks, as we had to pay off long-standing bets that this would never happen. :slight_smile:

Yes, yes it is.

Congratulations Jason!!! Geez, what’s up with all of our FIRSTers getting married all of a sudden… :wink:

Wow! Jason in a tie! Congratulations Jason. The best I can do is to hope you have as long and happy a marriage as Dottie and I, 33 years next month.

Wait, pigs flying?! I thought they were exploding.

Congratulations, Jason!

I’m not sure how, but this has to be a game hint…

Jason, congratulations. I hope you didn’t plan your honeymoon based on a “large chunk” of Dave’s government paycheck. I’m sure you will discover all of the wonderful gifts that marriage brings very soon, especially the tax benefits :rolleyes:

Seriously, here’s to a long and wonderful future for the two of you.

Awwwwww that’s awesome. Congratulations!

This is a solemn reminder of how fast time goes by with the blink of an eye, that if you don’t run to catch up with it, it will catch up with you and sweep you away.

That’s not to say I think Jason is finally getting old and feels the need to settle down, I would never make fun of the most important day of his life, on the contrary, I think he is beginning an exciting whole new chapter, one I envy him terribly of.

I am, however, talking about Jason wearing a Tux, with a flower in the front pocket. What is Jason doing in a Tux!? This is kind of like seeing Dean in one. I never imagine I would be old enough for this day, so this picture come as a shock to me.

This is yet another reminder that we are indeed human beings in the FIRST world, not just another table of statistics or 3-page article in a science magazine. We are human beings, we are a community, and we have pictures to prove it!

Good luck Jason, I am very happy you finally found the love of your life and decided to have a family of your own.

Congratulations, Jason!! :slight_smile:

A hearty congrats Jason! :smiley:

And Dave, you’re ridiculous. :stuck_out_tongue:

Mr. and Mrs. Morrella,

Congratulations!!! Marriage gets better and more interesting every year.

God bless you,
Mary Beth and Matt Prendergast

Whew! Good job. That’s one big step for Jason, one even bigger leap for the lucky lady.


Heartfelt congratulations from Leslie and I. With the Poofs we got to witness first hand the passion that you can bring and the success it can inspire. I am sure that pales in comparison to the passion you bring into this union. Again, congrats to you both and we wish you nothing but the best.

Dennis and Leslie Jenks