pic: Pileup on the ramp

Alright, whose idea was it to change the color of the bot…
MOOOOORGAN! :stuck_out_tongue:
KRISSSSSTIAN! :stuck_out_tongue:

I just posted a bunch of pictures from the Duel on the Delaware taken by MOE’s photographer-in-chief John Wilkens. I couldn’t identify everyone in a lot of them - check them out and help if you can.

This picture was taken during the eliminations (I think the semis). If I remember correctly, it was ruled that 3 robots were on the ramp. That’s Pete Kieselbach on the ground checking it out.

The black is nice, but the silver was definately much better.

The silver gave it edge, it was a truly evil machine.

Now, if they gave it a birght metallic blue…that would be truly sweet :smiley:

I have one question.

How did 222 end up on it’s side?!

During their offensive period, 423 went up on the ramp to defend against them, and 222 ended up tipping as they were coming down off the ramp.

It was one extremely squashed poofball, and the very corner of 222’s bot that ended up just barely keeping us from touching the carpet, allowing for the 25 points for the three bots being on the ramp.

And Corey, I believe it was WAAAAAAAAAAALTER :stuck_out_tongue:

Why not watch it for yourself?

Ignore the comments of the kid close to the camera.
Final score was 78 to 5 I think.

Walter- he thinks it looks tough

I think it looks like a girlie man. :stuck_out_tongue:

I dunno, I kinda preferred the bare-metal look, but with a little touch-up work on the new paint job, it could look pretty mean.

At least it goes well with Halloween :stuck_out_tongue:

Just be glad we didn’t leave the wig on it… :rolleyes:

I still think Periwinkle would’ve been the best color for the bot.

Why not petunia pink?

Actually it was the quarterfinals, 222 was the #8 alliance captain.

The important question is… did MOE traumatize another poof ball?

Also, the black is awesome… If only you had two, one black and one silver…

We’re working on it. Any ideas as to how?