pic: PIMP Pants of 971

The fancy pants of Team 971, Spartan Robotics. Dave say’s their more than pimp!

those are some shiny pants!

i was a little upset when i asked u guys if anybody has ever hit on u with “omg ur pants are soo shiny, i see myself in them!!!” n u said “no” :frowning: lol

haha thanks for the comments. No, we’ve never been hit on like that…but we got a LOT of comments, included a pair of girls (i don’t know the team) yelling down from the balcony of their Days Inn room.

That’s it, you’re off the team!
Gold pants…jeez

I saw people wearing those today at SVR. Those are purty pimp:cool:

there will be more of us with them tomorrow!

That is so completely hilarious. hmmm…are they hats too? lol

they were walking around the student union and got some stares but i wish i had a pair of pimp pants

Don’t walk to close to a microwave.


OH NO!!!

Is it hammer time…


I want a pair of those! Where’d you guys get those PIMP PANTS!:smiley:

haha. very cute…definitely shiny enough to spark some attention. i think i’ll stick with my deflated tube skirt. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the comments. These first made an appearance in Atlanta 2006 (as pictured) and were a huge hit. They’ve been used as hats and capes.

These are custom sewed by team members from gold fabric. They cost about $15 to make last I checked, so there are none available for trading, sadly, unless we get more funding

Look for a 2007 picture on Delphi soon

Hey team 971, dunno if yall will remember us since I believe Chris and Dashel I think his name was left. But we chilled with you guys practicly every night in Atlanta last year back at the hotel, glad to see yall are well! You guys were deffinatly one of the highlights of our trip!!!
Hope to see you guys again this year :smiley:

How could I forget? That was one of the most memorable parts! Congrats on your Chairman’s. 971 didn’t make it to Atlanta this year, but I’ll be there, pants and all, so come by 190’s pit and say hi.

Haha I noticed those pants right away at SVR.

Thanks, and Mel, Jess, Rika, and I will most deffinatly look for you to say hi, although we are all sad that we wont be able to see all of 971 this year.