pic: Pinchpoint Panda!


Pinchpoint Panda says “Don’t Touch!” He’s warning people of what happens if you come to close to the shooter.

“When one little panda sticks his finger in another little panda’s robot, it can get pinched! And that makes me a saaaaad panda.” :stuck_out_tongue:

That’s a sharp looking turret, but I’m still trying to figure out what exactly the pneumatic cylinder is for… just a gate to regulate orbit balls? Or something else?

could it rotate the turret?

Did you guys get some of that insect screening too? Jeez, how about next year we collaborate :]

Yeah, the pneumatic is a mechanical stop and it keeps the balls from entering the shooter that way we can stack up 4 of them in a row.

And Ryan, I don’t understand why we didn’t this year. I mean we came up with such similar designs separately. It’s crazy! :yikes:

EDIT: I forgot to mention that the student who made this did a great job and as well with the OI. I expect it to be up soon enough!

Can 1323 hop on board, we have almost the same design except we have a howling coyote? Nice job guys, loving the kung fu panda.

we should have thought of that, i mean, our team name IS PANDAMONIUM, and our logo is a giant robot panda…

sorry the image is soooooo huge, i don’t have the time to resize it, with only 6 days left in build season…


btw,NO we did NOT really find a hurt panda:( , it’s just a funny JOKE…

Is that CIM direct-driving your shooter wheel? How big is the wheel? Is it very effective?

Yeah it is direct-driven, it’s got three kit bot wheels on it (6 inches) and it’s pretty effective. It will shoot about 12 feet into a goal pretty consistently. Right now, though, we are trying to see if there are ways to increase range or increase the angular momentum of the wheels, because there is a touch of die-down after a shot.

Good luck this year guys! Can’t wait to see the panda in real life… and the robot too of course. :stuck_out_tongue:

Good luck to you guys too! And you won’t miss the Panda, we’re going to have a panda suit at the regionals.

i love it! any chance of more pictures??

There’s a very good chance of more pictures to come! Keep an eye out for 1747!