pic: Pine Tree Regional 2013 Field Collection

Field Reset crew collected dropped robot pieces after every match for three days during the 2013 Pine Tree Regional, and put them in a frisbee on the side of the field. This is what we got before the field came up. The oddest thing I found was a child’s pair of safety glasses – off a robot??? Also a broken chain, which apparently got collected as I don’t see it here, and many master links.

Next year I would like to collect all the robot vomit and put it into a big jar just to see how much we can get.
Anybody want to send this stuff to me? :smiley:

Last year team 2022 left tools on their robot and they ended up on the floor. So I am not entirely surprised by the safety glasses.

I still remember in 2006 when somebody left a whole vision camera, mount and all, on the field. Nobody ever claimed it so I made it into a decorative art piece.

I’m surprised thats all there is…from years past i’ve seen enough stuff at both the NC regional and Virginia regional to fill a one foot square box.
I guess by the time if they get to St. Louis most robots have shed what
they are mostly gonna shed…our 2005 and 2006 robots still shed small
parts (mainly washers and nuts) from time to time.

Maybe we could interest Loctite in sponsoring the field harvest?

Perhaps the field reset crew deserve one of these?

I’ve got it, glue it all together and make a found-art masterpiece collage, then give it to the field crew.

I hope that isn’t a driver button! :ahh:

Interesting to note there is a lot of 1/4-20 hardware (that stuff is heavy!), and quite a few nyloc nuts as well. Time to switch to castellated nuts and safety wire. :smiley:

There is a piece of tread. I wonder if it is from the drive train or the shooter…

After one match there was a nut and a screw next to each other. The nut was too small for the screw. How does that work? :confused:

During one vacuuming it wasn’t picking up as much as it should. The vacuum bag was stuffed solid… probably hasn’t been emptied since week one. :ahh:

The vacuum does have a heavy duty magnet. There were lots of staples and other metallic parts. A magnet sweeper probably wouldn’t help – I did forget to mention all the wood chips we picked up too.

It wasn’t a driver button – a little late for that, this picture was taken after finals. (A driver button we would have returned.)

I did forget to mention the ball bearing wheel that exploded. I think we got most of those up.

I went back to Pit Admin regarding the chain, and would they announce that it was left on the field. That was practice day, and it did disappear later.

I did paw around the collection, looking for the back of my volunteer pin. I kept the 2 AM battery thingies.

Uh, no. Just no. We’ve had it for three days, that was enough. :slight_smile:

Too late for Pine Tree, but I’ll keep you in mind the next time.

And I think of it as “robot guts” not vomit. It came from the robot itself (well, with exceptions), not something it ate.

All during the 2012 CAGE match I kept finding 1/8" ball bearings. I have no idea which robot they came from. I found 25 in total.

Hey some of that stuff looks familiar…

I’m thoroughly confused by the battery plug.

Over the past tens years in Suffield, 4 years at CT Regional & PTR this year, there isn’t much that I haven’t seen left on the field. And all those years, very rarely did anyone come looking for their parts.

I also remember seeing multiple 30 and 40 amp fuses on the field, typically around the location of collisions. They did get collected pretty quickly.

At GTRE we found a very mangled, bent 40 amp breaker that never would have fit in the PD board in its current state. I was puzzled.

There were actually two, from two widely separated matches. Put the battery in, pop off the plug, put it down, deal with the battery, and you’re good to go! (Where did you put it down?)

I’m still surprised how many tiny set screws I could see at five paces.