pic: Pink and Poofs Elevated

The Archimedes champions elevated in a quarter finals match.

I told myself and fellow team members on day 1 that if the Pink Team didn’t build a telescoping arm for elevation this year I’d be disappointed. Not only did they, but they managed one that still let them go under the tunnel. :smiley:

These are my 2 favorite robots of 2010, hands down.

I was on Archimedes cheering on 1218, when this happened and I have to say that it was way more impressive in person. (And this picture is pretty darn impressive)

Pic is epic,

Did anyone manage to get close ups at either 233/254?



I got some closeups of pink and 968. I’ll put them up on my picasa sometime this week and post a line.

There’s some pictures of our bot on the Team 254 Photo Gallery and more will be added.

Thanks Nick,

Amazing Pics.


Here is a video of the end of match 119, Four Hangers.

There are other videos that I downloaded on the thread:
Videos from Championship Event