pic: Place your bets

Who will be victorious? Be prepared for the upcoming Gary-Arefin duel of the duct.

Duel of the Duct?

I’m staying waaaaaaaaaaaay away from this one.

(By the way, my money’s on Gary. Some experience has to come with that age.)

(awards himself three points for the burn award)

(moves along)

How long did it take to get both of them to stop smiling and take the picture?

Hmmmm… ill go with Arefin. (just wish i knew what i was betting on) Are you going to be keeping track of bets Tytus? :slight_smile:

no, its just a joke. i have better things to do, like teach Arefin that you can’t make square holes with a mill and that you shouldn’t use aluminum shafts in a transmition.

Better things than our amusement!?! Actually you CAN make squarish holes (though Ive only done it with a drill press). You learn allot from computer modding! Can’t say anything about the aluminum shafts though…

I beg to differ with you about the square holes: http://www.makezine.com/extras/15.html

All you have to do is fix the bevels once you’ve drilled.

Thats exactly what we did except with 1/4" aluminum plate!

hahaha… let’s stay on the topic… Tytus was over my house last night. And we were discussing about my transmission. Because I have been asked to create a bill of material for it. It may become a manufactured product. While going through the picture galleries, we found this picture and knowing tytus… he said “hey, let’s put that up.” Here is the result…

i had to take this photo… i managed to get this one out of 4 tries… arefin keep laughing… Gary kept a pretty good face all the time.

Arefin sucks at being serious.

I go for Gary.
All Gary may have to do is tickle him and he’d win. xD

I think I’ve found my new desktop background photo.

Now you KNOW you better stay away from the S.P.A.M girls Ari.

I’ll cover those bets. Anytime, anyplace duct tape boy.

I would stay away… if they could keep themselves away from me. :slight_smile: (oh yea… I was at S.P.A.M. land this past weekend. You definitely missed out.)

Only 3 words for you…

Bring it on.

Mortal Combat music starts playing in the background OOH somebody HAS to turn this into a movie!! :smiley:

Coming this March to a Florida Regional near YOU! Dillard vs. Bari in a no-holds barred stare down! Watch as the clash of the titans occurs right before your very eyes on the 2006 Field. Only available on free-per-view NASA broadcasts.

if they want to go for it… ill be happy to record this for everyone lol…

hmm Arefin can’t stay away from S.P.A.M. it’s like a law of nature for him, must know the S.P.A.M. gals even though Dillard has a problem w/ it…lol…

just teasing…

you two are great ppl…have fun battling it out… all i can say it’ll be truly fun to watch… :slight_smile:

This conversation is probably better continued in a chat room, but I figured the CD community would enjoy listening in for a little while (as long as the moderators will allow it)…

Hey Arefin, I’m badder than you.

I agree with Gary, if the moderators think that we should stop, please let us know.

Hey Gary, I’m not the one who failed to zip tie Arefin’s leg and got duct tape waxed on the leg. :slight_smile:

:ahh: OOOH that had to hurt on soooo many levels!

At least I could get people from my own team to pose with me for my “Who Am I” picture.