pic: Plan A comic1

Comic describing a bad plan A
Oh it’s up! Thought we could all use some comic relief! And in shameless Nepotism. Literally, My nephew did a flash animation with nothing to do with robotics… I DON’T recommend his other stuff, but view his drunken Spartan … Suddenly, even C programming seems normal…

and click Watch This Movie.


This is outstanding!! It’s good to see you back in action.

Andy Baker

Well maybe if you just modified it so the arm stayed within 80 inches …

this might not be to far off the money. at some regional, some hurdler is going to zero in on some little rabbit during auto.

And that’s why we all need to consider reserving a “No! Bad robot!” button for the robocoach. :yikes:

lol funniest thing i’ve seen in a while. And to the above post yes ever one needs a stop button for the robocoach, we have one lol

Thanks Andy! Nice to see you back in the groove as well!


That looks funny and very cool

That’s so funny!

lol this comic makes me smile on the inside